Rashley Yeremia is a designer who believes in communicating messages through subtle visual cues, color play and typography. His creative works manifest his love for expression and his passion in arts. Being an experimental junkie, Rashley's works span across many different practices such as graphic design, filmmaking and video, branding and identity, web design and illustration.

Rashley is best known for his never-ending smile. He is a perfectionist that loves to work with other people and believe in putting the team's best interest above individual interests. This way, he is able to lead and make sure that the end goal is achieved. 


Rashley was acknowledged as the youngest graduate of his batch in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Design, Multimedia.

He started his career working as a graphic designer for Golfmiles Inc. At Golfmiles, he was able to work with many big name companies such as the Comcast group, Delta Air, and Golfsmith. He has also freelanced for the City of Chicago (Asian American Coalition of Chicago), FactoryFix, Jakarta International Tennis Academy, IFGF Chicago and Chicago State University.


Outside of his office hours, Rashley finds solace in creating model kits like Gundam and Lego, photography, filmmaking, tennis and creating music.